Mastering - is the process of finalising the track. Proper mastering can prepare your sound track so that can be played equally well on any hardware - from huge sound system to small mobile phone.

We can offer you a unique opportunity: through us you will be able to do best mastering at the top-end edm studio 'DMI' based in Las Vegas. In the same place where been such stars as: Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Lil Jon, Gareth Emery. Just read an interview with the owner of 'DMI' - Luca Pertolesi >> here

- Your track in WAV 32 bit format
- No plugins on the master chain
- The peak volume should not exceed -6 dB
- Attach some references - the tracks where you like how the master sounds

Contact us via the contact form. For all uploads you may use: or