On this page you can find some useful resourses that can help EDM producers and electronic musicains to build their career

Labelsbase — extensive database of edm record labels. Very nice divided by styles, years and countries. You can find the contacts of all the majors.

Vocalizr — service to find foreign singers. You are looking for a vocalist for your track? Here you go..

Feat.me — an another facebook group, where producers and vocalists looking for each other. Just write a message, attach the demo and explain the essence.

Looperman — Great audiostock with reyalty free samples, loops and acapellas.

Acapela-group — Online speech-generator. There are times when you need in your track just one or a couple of words.

Ivona — Online speech-generator #2

Collabrolist — Wanna collab bro? Here is the service to search for a partner for the track. You can choose the style, listen demos on Soundcloud page musician and offer him collab. Or leave the announcement of yourself.

Studiotime — new concept, booking like Airbnb, but only for sound producer. For example, while traveling in another country, you can find workplace. Available mobile apps in App Store and Google play. You can also add your own studio 🙂

Studiosessions.tv — Realtime streaming service for producers and who want to watch and learn production tips. Join now!

Pluginboutique — the name speaks for itself. Site-partner of Loopmasters - well known distributor of samples libraries. Site has a good section with a free downloads. You can download free plug-ins of the best leading companies.

We Make Dance Music — playground for those who wants to earn money from their projects, templates, samples and melodic parts. If you have a lot of unfinished projects which has never will be completed - put it up for a sale, just generate passive income for you.

ProducerBox — another one stock like WMDM for a sale your projects.

The Artist Union — This service is extremely useful with two sides. First - you can setup access to downloads for users who subscribes to your accounts in social networks. Very useful resource for the promotion of the artist. Second - in the section of samples, you can always download the excellent libraries of samples for EDM music.

ASCAP — is an American not-for-profit performance-rights organization that protects its members' musical copyrights by monitoring public performances of their music, whether via a broadcast or live performance, and compensating them accordingly. The database has interesting information about ghost production, you can enter for example: Afrojack, Steve Aoki and see who was involved in the writing of their tracks.

Whosampled —Database of popular artists and their tracks in which it was revealed sampling or plagiarism of any parts other artists tracks. Are you shy to use the samples in your tracks?

Wavo.me Remix-Packs — Here is a remix-packs of ALL contests in wavo.me. Enjoy!

Сloudkillers — exchanger for live comments on Soundcloud. Rules: the system gives you a random track, you need to write a comment. In return, random dude will write a comment to your track. You can also simply buy the Points and to not comment. A very useful thing for a music promotion, given the fact that labels now are looking at SC musician activity..

Equipboard — The largest database of artists and what equipment, software they use. Everyone was wondering what this or that EDM producer uses in his studio. Here you will find the answers...

Graphs Headphone — Compare the frequency response graphs of many monitor headphones. You can see the frequency response of the selected model before going to the store and choose their 😉


We will update this list as soon as we learn something new. Thank you for your attention - team HDN Sound 🙂