Differs from the usual mixing that we rewrite bad-sounding parts and add some missing elements: buildups, fills, effects, etc. All these little things are important parts of a completely good track. So we bring your track to an ideal.

Also, you can send us your idea-sketch in format of multitrack or midi-parts or you can simply record it via singing on dictophone, based on which we will write a FULL song.


- Disable in your project: compressors, limiters, sidechain compressors, equalizers, reverbs and delays
- Turn off all the processing on the master channel
- Must be: automation of volume and filters
- The peak volume of the tracks should not exceed -2 -3 dB
- Save each track in 16 bit Wav
- Correctly sign it: kick, snare, clap, hat, percussion, bass, lead, etc.
- Save midi of basis parts like: lead, bass, pad
- Specify the BPM of track
- Attach the original in MP3 320kbps
- Attach 2-3 of your favorite tracks that you like, and they are must be in similar style with original.

Contact us via the contact form. For all uploads you may use: or